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exo’s video collection from official SMTOWN
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해바라기: A few people have shipped in their opinion on the watermarking issue and I thought I'd make a post about it too.



I wasn’t going to do it because what I’ve been seeing on my dash was shying me away but I just really want to add this message just to explain why I think the kfans deserve more credits than what they’ve been receiving recently.

These kfans are called the “daepo” fans; it literally means “big camera”. The reason why they’re called that is because they use big telephoto lenses and they look pretty much like this

The lens alone weigh about 3 lbs and if we add the extra accessories and the camera itself, it probably weighs more or less as much as a baby. Now, I don’t know anything about cameras but I did do some research and from what I’ve seen, these lenses are listed around $2000-$3000 so they’re not just big and heavy but they’re also expensive.

I actually saved a picture of a fan who took a picture of herself and her camera so I could show my friend but I can’t find it anymore but the camera was more or less the same size as seen in the picture.

Remember when Key said the fans looked as if they were competing with the size of their cameras because they keep getting bigger? This is what he meant.

After they’re done with the event, they go home and edit those pictures.

They’re not just changing saturation or level, they pay attention to the smallest details such as skin flaws or colors. The picture above was taken from Ontamnew’s owner’s yfrog. They take gigs and gigs of pictures but only some of those get posted.

Fantasister posted 16 new pictures today from the Santa Fe fanmeeting, 5 days after the event, so we can only imagine what she had to do during that time to edit 16 pictures (between the real life that was going on and more SHINee events she had to go to, of course).

Also, 2min fans were already camping in front of Sukira’s studio this morning at 7AM even though the show started at 10PM. According to weather.com, this was what the weather was like in Seoul that day:

Now, let’s imagine standing for about 16-17 hours in the cold, starving and carrying a camera that weighs as much as a baby and as big and fragile as a baby. That’s a lot for any girl to endure. Let’s put ourselves in their shoes. Let’s give them the credit that they deserve. Thank you.

They’re not being selfish. They’re just upset that their hardwork and investment aren’t being recognized or having the credit going to somebody else.

I am aware of this comment, btw: http://oh-honey.tumblr.com/post/3595424525

I see that people are agreeing to it but my point is that what it was that was already bad as stated in that comment has just become worse. If you can’t feel bad for the kfans, please consider this for your own benefit. Do you really want to upset more kfans so they can close more of their websites so we can see less of our oppars or do we want to stop all of this and hope to reconcile? Think farther into the future.

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